TQHA July Incentives

Elite Summer Weekend July 16-19, 2020
Extraco Events Center | Pavilion Arena

Saturday, July 18, 2020

TQHA Membership Sidepot Incentive – $3000 added (Open Race 1)

4D format/ more info coming.
TQHA members eligible

TQHA Stallion incentive $5,000 added (Open Race 1)
* Incentive will be on Open race 1 and is open to horses of all ages.
*$5,000 added side pot. Straight pay 5 places 60(owner)/40 (stallion owner) split.
* $25 EF 75% pay back 100% of the added money.
* It is not a judged event (no points only money).
* To enter the TQHA Stallion incentive your horse must be offspring from an eligible 2020 TQHA Stallion.
* You must include a copy of your papers when you enter. If entering online, please email or fax a copy to the office.