TQHA Year End Awards


2021 Rules:

1. Owners and exhibitors must be current member of Texas Quarter Horse Association or the Texas Quarter Horse Youth Association to be eligible for all State Championship High Point Awards.
2. Point counting period for all state championship programs will run from December 1, 2020 – November 30, 2021
3. Points will be counted on a retro-active basis if membership of the owner is paid by March 31st. Thereafter, only points starting from the date membership is received by TQHA will be used.
4. Points will be earned at all TQHA Horse Show Series Shows approved shows. Shows must meet criteria to be a TQHA Horse Show Series Approved Show. A listing of these shows can be found on www.tqha.com
5. In the event of a tie, the horse shown in the greatest number of TQHA Horse Show Series approved shows in that event will be declared the winner.
6. TQHA will follow AQHA show rules. Points will be tabulated from AQHA show records submitted by each approved show.

Points Per Place         
# Horses in class1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place5th Place6th Place7th Place8th Place9th Place
9 & over987654321

Example: A horse placing 2nd in a class of 10 entries will receive 8 TQHA points.

1. A minimum of thirty-five (35) total points are needed to qualify for any year-end champion and reserve champion awards in each class or division if the class is offered a minimum of five (5) times during the point counting year.
2. A minimum of sixteen (16) total points are needed to qualify for any year-end champion and reserve champion awards in each class or division if the class is offered four (4) times or less during the point counting year.


1. Awards will be selected by State Championship Committee
2. Additional awards and special recognition awards may be added to the program if such conditions arise which merit special awards. Recommendations shall come from the State Championship Committee & will be presented to the TQHA Halter & Performance committee. 

2021 State Champion High Point award rules

CONGRATULATIONS 2020  TQHA State Champions, Reserve Champions & 3rd Place Winners!

2020 TQHA Award Book

2020 Champion-3rd Place Year End Awards

Steps to receive your 2020 TQHA State Championship Year End award:

  1. Receive TQHA letter with award $$ credit amount.
  2. View TQHA award look-book  HERE and choose your TQHA branded award(s)
  3. Contact Professional Choice to order / Tina Denmark-951-306-6142 or tdenmark@profchoice.com

2020_TQHA AWARDS BOOK_low resolution


**Note – in addition to this awards book,  All headstalls, spurs, and spur straps can be customized!  Ask Tina for details and pricing.

Additional Information:

  • All awards are customized with TQHA logo unless otherwise noted.
    • Timeline for receiving engraved custom award such as buckle is 6 weeks.
  • If you go above your award credit $ amount, your cc will get charged for the difference.
    • Shipping is included in the award pricing.
  • Awards must be ordered by June 1, 2021, otherwise they will be forfeited.

Email or tag a picture of you and your award to post on TQHA FB and Instagram!

Questions?  Contact TQHA – 512-458-5202 or vclark@tqha.com

2020 – PROGRAM & RULES were modified due to Covid-19he eligibility of awards (i.e. minimum of points needed/ # of shows) has been deleted.  Classes that were awarded for Year End Awards in 2019, will be awarded in 2020.  Exhibitors that  accrued the most points in 


CHAMPION, RESERVE & 3RD Place AwardsListAlpha12-18-19