The Foundation supports scholarships that help further the education of our industry’s future leaders.  Scholarship recipients are selected by Foundation Committee members on the basis of academic records, leadership & extracurricular accomplishments with the emphasis on participation in TQHYA, AQHYA, 4-H & FFA.

All TQHA Foundation applicants must be TQHA/TQHYA members.

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TQHA awarded four/4 year scholarships in 2017 to TQHYA members:

Rheagan Bryant
Sidney Dunkel
Carolyn Benetiz
Katie Cardenas


TQHA awarded four/ 4 year scholarships in 2016 to TQHYA members.

Lacey Jo Edge
Emily Woodard
Arianne Cox
Austria Arnold


TQHA awarded four/ 4 year scholarships in 2015 to TQHYA members.

Cara Beauvais
Daniel Dalager
Ashton K. Dunkel
Alessandra Fratessa


Eligibility of applicants is based on the individual criteria and requirements provided for each scholarship. Recipients are selected based on academic achievement, financial need and Texas Quarter Horse involvement, as well as the applicant’s outstanding leadership and communication skills.