TQHYA Officers


Congratulations to the 2019 TQHYA Executive Committee & Board members!  

They take the reins and become “official” at the TQHA Annual Meeting – January 26th

2019 TQHYA  Officers

President                            Claire Lee

Vice President                   Jordan Davis      

Secretary                             Kalena Reynolds

Treasurer                            Addison Paulsen

Reporter                              Lauren Pursley


Board of Directors

Layla Clark

Rylee King

Charles Lee

Hanna Iselin Olaussen

Kendall Stewart


A huge THANK YOU to the 2018 TQHYA Officers for their leadership!

PRESIDENT         Sarah Winters 

VICE PRES.          Claire Lee 

SECRETARY         Jordan Davis

REPORTER           Kalena Reynolds

TREASURER        Jacqueline Holliday

Jaci Brown
Charles Lee
Madison Musser
Maddie Passmore
Addison Paulsen
Lauren Pursley
Tatum Richey